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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for Putty PalsPutty Pals2 players simultaneousOct 17, 2017106.50Kč213.00Kč
Boxart for Frederic: Resurrection of MusicFrederic: Resurrection of Music1 playerDec 20, 201731.29Kč149.00Kč
Boxart for Lichtspeer: Double Speer EditionLichtspeer: Double Speer Edition2 players simultaneousSep 6, 2017124.50Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Unbox: Newbie's AdventureUnbox: Newbie's Adventureup to 4 playersOct 10, 2017174.75Kč699.00Kč
Boxart for Axiom VergeAxiom Verge1 playerOct 4, 2017404.10Kč449.00Kč
Boxart for Caveman WarriorsCaveman Warriorsup to 4 playersDec 4, 2017162.50Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for HammerwatchHammerwatchup to 4 playersDec 22, 2017174.30Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Death SquaredDeath Squaredup to 4 playersJul 12, 2017209.30Kč299.00Kč
Boxart for MulakaMulaka1 playerFeb 28, 2018298.80Kč498.00Kč
Boxart for Sausage Sports ClubSausage Sports Clubup to 8 playersJul 18, 2018200.03Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for Resident Evil RevelationsResident Evil Revelations2 players simultaneousNov 27, 2017329.40Kč549.00Kč
Boxart for Use Your WordsUse Your Wordsup to 6 playersAug 2, 2017164.00Kč328.00Kč
Boxart for Nine ParchmentsNine Parchmentsup to 4 playersDec 4, 2017149.70Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Rocket League®Rocket League®up to 8 playersNov 13, 2017262.12Kč436.88Kč
Boxart for Sparkle 2 EVOSparkle 2 EVO1 playerNov 1, 201726.25Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for Tactical MindTactical Mind2 players simultaneousDec 29, 201737.50Kč75.00Kč
Boxart for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final ChallengersUltra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers2 players simultaneousMay 25, 2017499.50Kč999.00Kč
Boxart for Dimension DriveDimension Drive2 players simultaneousDec 6, 2017149.99Kč299.99Kč
Boxart for Party GolfParty Golfup to 8 playersOct 18, 201793.75Kč375.00Kč
Boxart for Puyo Puyo TetrisPuyo Puyo Tetrisup to 4 playersApr 26, 2017599.40Kč999.00Kč
Boxart for The Count LucanorThe Count Lucanor1 playerOct 17, 201793.75Kč375.00Kč
Boxart for TumbleSeedTumbleSeed1 playerMay 1, 2017122.15Kč349.00Kč
Boxart for InnerSpaceInnerSpace1 playerJan 15, 2018249.50Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Resident Evil Revelations 2Resident Evil Revelations 22 players simultaneousNov 27, 2017437.40Kč729.00Kč
Boxart for BUTCHERBUTCHER1 playerSep 27, 2017124.50Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Pic-a-Pix DeluxePic-a-Pix Deluxeup to 4 playersJan 3, 2018119.40Kč199.00Kč
Boxart for Super Ping Pong Trick ShotSuper Ping Pong Trick Shot2 players simultaneousOct 18, 201762.50Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for De MamboDe Mamboup to 4 playersJul 12, 2017144.50Kč289.00Kč
Boxart for WWE 2K18WWE 2K18up to 6 playersDec 5, 2017445.17Kč1349.00Kč
Boxart for Unholy HeightsUnholy Heights1 playerMar 28, 201861.50Kč123.00Kč
Boxart for The Next PenelopeThe Next Penelopeup to 4 playersDec 20, 2017124.96Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for ViolettViolett1 playerOct 24, 201724.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Next Up HeroNext Up Hero1 playerAug 15, 2018249.50Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Rock 'N Racing Off Road DXRock 'N Racing Off Road DXup to 4 playersNov 8, 201799.50Kč199.00Kč
Boxart for Cartoon Network: Battle CrashersCartoon Network: Battle Crashersup to 4 playersOct 30, 2017449.40Kč749.00Kč
Boxart for RobonautsRobonauts2 players simultaneousSep 14, 201724.90Kč220.00Kč
Boxart for Conga Master Party!Conga Master Party!up to 4 playersSep 27, 2017135.00Kč225.00Kč
Boxart for Don't Knock TwiceDon't Knock Twice1 playerOct 16, 2017139.50Kč279.00Kč
Boxart for Gear.Club UnlimitedGear.Club Unlimitedup to 4 playersNov 30, 2017499.60Kč1249.00Kč
Boxart for INVERSUS DeluxeINVERSUS Deluxeup to 4 playersSep 27, 2017185.99Kč309.99Kč
Boxart for Neon ChromeNeon Chromeup to 4 playersOct 11, 2017175.49Kč389.99Kč
Boxart for Portal KnightsPortal Knightsup to 4 playersNov 22, 2017639.20Kč799.00Kč
Boxart for Tower Of BabelTower Of Babel1 playerOct 4, 201764.89Kč154.52Kč
Boxart for Woodle Tree AdventuresWoodle Tree Adventures1 playerDec 22, 201762.50Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy2 players simultaneousJan 10, 2018227.50Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for BRAWLBRAWLup to 4 playersJan 18, 201824.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for ATOMIK: RunGunJumpGunATOMIK: RunGunJumpGun1 playerFeb 7, 201899.60Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical FreezeDonkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze2 players simultaneousMay 3, 2018999.00Kč1499.00Kč
Boxart for Disc JamDisc Jamup to 4 playersFeb 7, 2018187.50Kč375.00Kč
Boxart for QbikQbik1 playerJan 17, 201826.04Kč124.00Kč
Boxart for Tachyon ProjectTachyon Projectup to 4 playersJan 24, 201899.00Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Mad CarnageMad Carnage2 players simultaneousFeb 1, 201862.50Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for Frederic 2: Evil Strikes BackFrederic 2: Evil Strikes Back1 playerJan 31, 201825.19Kč119.99Kč
Boxart for Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch EditionCrypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition2 players simultaneousFeb 7, 201899.80Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for OwlboyOwlboy1 playerFeb 12, 2018345.00Kč575.00Kč
Boxart for MillieMillie1 playerFeb 7, 201826.04Kč124.00Kč
Boxart for MEMBRANEMEMBRANE2 players simultaneousApr 5, 201824.87Kč199.00Kč
Boxart for BombslingerBombslingerup to 4 playersApr 10, 2018194.35Kč299.00Kč
Boxart for Sparkle 3 GenesisSparkle 3 Genesis1 playerMar 14, 201826.04Kč124.00Kč
Boxart for Gekido Kintaro's RevengeGekido Kintaro's Revenge2 players simultaneousMar 21, 2018173.25Kč247.50Kč
Boxart for NO THINGNO THING1 playerMar 21, 201824.99Kč49.00Kč
Boxart for Super ChariotSuper Chariot2 players simultaneousMay 9, 2018199.60Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Word Search by POWGIWord Search by POWGIup to 4 playersApr 11, 2018119.99Kč199.99Kč
Boxart for The Way RemasteredThe Way Remastered1 playerApr 19, 201825.20Kč379.00Kč
Boxart for Jotun: Valhalla EditionJotun: Valhalla Edition1 playerApr 26, 2018187.49Kč374.99Kč
Boxart for Sparkle ZEROSparkle ZERO1 playerApr 25, 201826.25Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for GoetiaGoetia1 playerApr 25, 201824.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for The Adventures of Elena TempleThe Adventures of Elena Temple1 playerMay 14, 201875.00Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for Mega Man Legacy CollectionMega Man Legacy Collection1 playerMay 21, 2018306.75Kč409.00Kč
Boxart for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2Mega Man Legacy Collection 21 playerMay 21, 2018306.75Kč409.00Kč
Boxart for PodePode2 players simultaneousJun 20, 2018437.50Kč625.00Kč
Boxart for Final Light, The PrisonFinal Light, The Prison1 playerJul 26, 201873.50Kč175.00Kč
Boxart for FigmentFigment1 playerJun 27, 2018299.40Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerCaptain Toad: Treasure Tracker2 players simultaneousJul 12, 2018699.30Kč999.00Kč
Boxart for Dream AloneDream Alone1 playerJun 27, 2018161.85Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Mega Man X Legacy CollectionMega Man X Legacy Collection1 playerJul 23, 2018411.75Kč549.00Kč
Boxart for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2Mega Man X Legacy Collection 21 playerJul 23, 2018411.75Kč549.00Kč
Boxart for Fill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic AdventureFill-a-Pix: Phil's Epic Adventure1 playerJul 11, 2018119.99Kč199.99Kč
Boxart for Star Story: The Horizon EscapeStar Story: The Horizon Escape1 playerJul 18, 201824.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for VSR: Void Space RacingVSR: Void Space Racing2 players simultaneousJul 19, 201824.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for NoReload HeroesNoReload Heroesup to 4 playersJul 25, 201824.90Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Behind The ScreenBehind The Screen1 playerAug 22, 2018180.00Kč225.00Kč
Boxart for Space RibbonSpace Ribbonup to 4 playersAug 23, 201825.00Kč125.00Kč
Boxart for Old School MusicalOld School Musicalup to 4 playersSep 12, 2018225.06Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for The Gardens BetweenThe Gardens Between1 playerSep 19, 2018249.50Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Kentucky Robo ChickenKentucky Robo Chicken1 playerSep 5, 201825.20Kč63.00Kč
Boxart for Goosebumps The GameGoosebumps The Game1 playerOct 8, 2018525.00Kč875.00Kč
Boxart for TowerFallTowerFallup to 6 playersSep 26, 2018349.30Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for NBA 2K19NBA 2K19up to 10 playersSep 10, 20181025.43Kč1799.00Kč
Boxart for Big Buck Hunter ArcadeBig Buck Hunter Arcade2 players simultaneousOct 15, 2018525.00Kč875.00Kč
Boxart for Nickelodeon Kart RacersNickelodeon Kart Racersup to 4 playersOct 22, 2018649.35Kč999.00Kč
Boxart for Rapala Fishing Pro SeriesRapala Fishing Pro Series1 playerOct 15, 2018525.00Kč875.00Kč
Boxart for GRIPGRIPup to 10 playersNov 5, 2018799.99Kč999.99Kč
Boxart for Drift LegendsDrift Legends1 playerOct 17, 2018124.50Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Black and White BushidoBlack and White Bushidoup to 4 playersOct 24, 2018194.60Kč278.00Kč
Boxart for Word Puzzles by POWGIWord Puzzles by POWGI1 playerOct 24, 2018149.40Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for MoonlighterMoonlighter1 playerNov 4, 2018464.25Kč619.00Kč
Boxart for CollidalotCollidalotup to 4 playersNov 8, 2018192.50Kč275.00Kč
Boxart for Sid Meier's Civilization VISid Meier's Civilization VIup to 4 playersNov 15, 20181079.20Kč1349.00Kč
Boxart for Chalk Dash CarnivalChalk Dash Carnivalup to 4 playersNov 5, 201847.70Kč159.00Kč
Boxart for Word Sudoku by POWGIWord Sudoku by POWGI1 playerNov 21, 2018119.99Kč199.99Kč
Boxart for CattailsCattails1 playerNov 28, 2018262.49Kč349.99Kč
Boxart for Guacamelee! 2Guacamelee! 2up to 4 playersDec 9, 2018349.30Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Xenon Valkyrie+Xenon Valkyrie+1 playerDec 31, 2018199.20Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Blue RiderBlue Rider1 playerDec 12, 2018174.30Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Hunter's Legacy: Purrfect EditionHunter's Legacy: Purrfect Edition1 playerDec 12, 2018140.00Kč175.00Kč
Boxart for Almightree: The Last DreamerAlmightree: The Last Dreamer1 playerDec 12, 2018277.50Kč555.00Kč
Boxart for Santa TrackerSanta Tracker1 playerDec 6, 201814.69Kč29.99Kč
Boxart for Sundered: Eldritch EditionSundered: Eldritch Editionup to 4 playersDec 20, 2018302.40Kč432.00Kč
Boxart for Swords & SoldiersSwords & Soldiers2 players simultaneousJan 24, 2019124.08Kč188.00Kč
Boxart for The King's BirdThe King's Bird1 playerFeb 11, 2019399.20Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-1 playerFeb 20, 2019399.20Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for Klondike SolitaireKlondike Solitaire1 playerFeb 28, 2019100.00Kč225.00Kč
Boxart for Awesome PeaAwesome Pea1 playerFeb 28, 2019134.10Kč149.00Kč
Boxart for V.O.I.D.V.O.I.D.1 playerFeb 27, 201984.15Kč99.00Kč
Boxart for PillarPillar1 playerMar 4, 2019149.25Kč199.00Kč
Boxart for Creepy RoadCreepy Road1 playerFeb 28, 2019292.50Kč325.00Kč
Boxart for Pirates PinballPirates Pinball1 playerFeb 28, 201949.50Kč75.00Kč
Boxart for X-Morph: DefenseX-Morph: Defense1 playerFeb 20, 2019399.20Kč499.00Kč
Boxart for TardyTardy1 playerFeb 28, 2019124.50Kč249.00Kč
Boxart for Braveland TrilogyBraveland Trilogy2 players alternatingMar 6, 2019337.50Kč375.00Kč