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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for This Is the PoliceThis Is the Police1 playerOct 23, 2017€11.99€29.99
Boxart for Vostok Inc.Vostok Inc.1 playerDec 6, 2017€11.99€14.99
Boxart for Enter the GungeonEnter the Gungeon2 players simultaneousDec 17, 2017€7.49€14.99
Boxart for Monster Jam Crush It!Monster Jam Crush It!1 playerOct 30, 2017€14.99€29.99
Boxart for The BridgeThe Bridge1 playerSep 6, 2017€2.99€9.99
Boxart for Sine Mora EXSine Mora EX2 players simultaneousOct 9, 2017€11.99€29.99
Boxart for Mom Hid My Game!Mom Hid My Game!1 playerDec 20, 2017€3.49€4.99
Boxart for Super Ping Pong Trick ShotSuper Ping Pong Trick Shot2 players simultaneousOct 18, 2017€2.99€4.99
Boxart for Unholy HeightsUnholy Heights1 playerMar 28, 2018€3.91€4.89
Boxart for Yono and the Celestial ElephantsYono and the Celestial Elephants1 playerOct 11, 2017€11.99€14.99
Boxart for Slime-sanSlime-san2 players simultaneousAug 2, 2017€5.99€11.99
Boxart for Mecho TalesMecho Talesup to 4 playersDec 27, 2017€0.99€8.49
Boxart for Cartoon Network: Battle CrashersCartoon Network: Battle Crashersup to 4 playersOct 30, 2017€14.99€29.99
Boxart for Plague RoadPlague Road1 playerDec 20, 2017€0.99€12.50
Boxart for Tower Of BabelTower Of Babel1 playerOct 4, 2017€4.99€9.99
Boxart for Space DaveSpace Dave2 players simultaneousFeb 19, 2018€3.99€7.99
Boxart for TypomanTypoman1 playerFeb 21, 2018€9.09€12.99
Boxart for Super Toy CarsSuper Toy Carsup to 4 playersMar 1, 2018€6.99€9.99
Boxart for Fear Effect SednaFear Effect Sedna1 playerMar 5, 2018€11.97€19.95
Boxart for Gekido Kintaro's RevengeGekido Kintaro's Revenge2 players simultaneousMar 21, 2018€9.89€14.99
Boxart for The Way RemasteredThe Way Remastered1 playerApr 19, 2018€10.49€14.99
Boxart for Agatha KnifeAgatha Knife1 playerApr 25, 2018€9.59€11.99
Boxart for Bouncy BobBouncy Bobup to 4 playersApr 26, 2018€0.99€4.99
Boxart for Lost SeaLost Sea1 playerMay 30, 2018€7.99€9.99
Boxart for ATOMINEATOMINE1 playerMay 24, 2018€6.99€9.99
Boxart for Final Light, The PrisonFinal Light, The Prison1 playerJul 26, 2018€4.96€6.99
Boxart for FigmentFigment1 playerJun 27, 2018€15.99€19.99
Boxart for Star Story: The Horizon EscapeStar Story: The Horizon Escape1 playerJul 18, 2018€8.99€9.99
Boxart for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday1979 Revolution: Black Friday1 playerAug 1, 2018€9.59€11.99
Boxart for NoReload HeroesNoReload Heroesup to 4 playersJul 25, 2018€8.99€9.99
Boxart for State of Anarchy: Master of MayhemState of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem1 playerJul 31, 2018€6.39€7.99