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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for 60 Seconds!60 Seconds!1 playerDec 17, 20179.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for Black The FallBlack The Fall1 playerJan 8, 201831.50zł63.00zł
Boxart for Worms W.M.DWorms W.M.Dup to 6 playersNov 22, 201760.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Vostok Inc.Vostok Inc.1 playerDec 6, 201730.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Frederic: Resurrection of MusicFrederic: Resurrection of Music1 playerDec 20, 20174.07zł23.99zł
Boxart for Lichtspeer: Double Speer EditionLichtspeer: Double Speer Edition2 players simultaneousSep 6, 201716.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Mutant Mudds CollectionMutant Mudds Collection2 players simultaneousDec 13, 20175.20zł52.00zł
Boxart for PankapuPankapu1 playerSep 27, 201724.50zł49.00zł
Boxart for HammerwatchHammerwatchup to 4 playersDec 22, 201726.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for ONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Deluxe EditionONE PIECE: Unlimited World Red Deluxe Edition2 players simultaneousSep 28, 2017144.00zł240.00zł
Boxart for MulakaMulaka1 playerFeb 28, 201839.80zł79.60zł
Boxart for PAN-PAN A tiny big adventurePAN-PAN A tiny big adventure1 playerSep 13, 201715.40zł25.80zł
Boxart for Qbics PaintQbics PaintTo be determinedJul 26, 201715.20zł19.00zł
Boxart for Sausage Sports ClubSausage Sports Clubup to 8 playersJul 18, 201820.80zł52.00zł
Boxart for Splatoon 2Splatoon 2up to 8 playersJul 20, 2017166.50zł249.80zł
Boxart for The BridgeThe Bridge1 playerSep 6, 201710.40zł40.00zł
Boxart for TranscriptedTranscripted1 playerNov 22, 20173.71zł29.99zł
Boxart for Resident Evil RevelationsResident Evil Revelations2 players simultaneousNov 27, 201747.40zł79.00zł
Boxart for Use Your WordsUse Your Wordsup to 6 playersAug 2, 201736.68zł52.40zł
Boxart for DRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo SwitchDRAGON BALL Xenoverse 2 for Nintendo Switchup to 6 playersSep 21, 2017144.00zł240.00zł
Boxart for Physical Contact: 2048Physical Contact: 20482 players simultaneousSep 6, 201714.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for Sparkle 2 EVOSparkle 2 EVO1 playerNov 1, 20173.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for Fast RMXFast RMXup to 8 playersMar 2, 201759.00zł86.00zł
Boxart for Heart&SlashHeart&Slash1 playerDec 21, 201728.00zł56.00zł
Boxart for Koi DXKoi DX1 playerNov 8, 201715.40zł25.80zł
Boxart for SteamWorld Heist: Ultimate EditionSteamWorld Heist: Ultimate Edition1 playerDec 27, 201724.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Party GolfParty Golfup to 8 playersOct 18, 201715.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Yoku's Island ExpressYoku's Island Express1 playerMay 28, 201840.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Just Dance® 2018Just Dance® 2018up to 6 playersOct 26, 201738.38zł239.90zł
Boxart for Puyo Puyo TetrisPuyo Puyo Tetrisup to 4 playersApr 26, 201780.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for TumbleSeedTumbleSeed1 playerMay 1, 201718.48zł56.00zł
Boxart for FuriFuri1 playerJan 10, 201840.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Resident Evil Revelations 2Resident Evil Revelations 22 players simultaneousNov 27, 201759.40zł99.00zł
Boxart for Sky RideSky Ride1 playerAug 27, 20173.97zł28.00zł
Boxart for BUTCHERBUTCHER1 playerSep 27, 201716.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Grand Prix Rock 'N RacingGrand Prix Rock 'N Racingup to 4 playersJan 3, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for NeuroVoiderNeuroVoiderup to 4 playersSep 6, 201729.50zł59.00zł
Boxart for Riptide GP: RenegadeRiptide GP: Renegadeup to 8 playersDec 6, 201723.99zł47.99zł
Boxart for Beach Buggy RacingBeach Buggy Racingup to 4 playersSep 13, 201723.99zł47.99zł
Boxart for Overcooked Special EditionOvercooked Special Editionup to 4 playersJul 26, 201740.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for TumblestoneTumblestoneup to 4 playersOct 4, 201712.99zł49.99zł
Boxart for NAMCO MUSEUMNAMCO MUSEUM2 players simultaneousJul 27, 201759.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Rayman® Legends Definitive EditionRayman® Legends Definitive Editionup to 4 playersSep 11, 201739.97zł159.90zł
Boxart for Physical Contact: Picture PlacePhysical Contact: Picture Place2 players simultaneousSep 27, 201710.64zł15.20zł
Boxart for ViolettViolett1 playerOct 24, 20173.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for Super Bomberman RSuper Bomberman Rup to 8 playersMar 2, 201784.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for VaccineVaccine1 playerJul 5, 201720.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Time RecoilTime Recoil1 playerOct 25, 201729.50zł59.00zł
Boxart for Cartoon Network: Battle CrashersCartoon Network: Battle Crashersup to 4 playersOct 30, 201730.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for RobonautsRobonauts2 players simultaneousSep 14, 20174.00zł35.00zł
Boxart for L.A. NoireL.A. Noire1 playerNov 13, 201765.97zł219.90zł
Boxart for MONOPOLY® for Nintendo SwitchMONOPOLY® for Nintendo Switchup to 6 playersOct 30, 201739.97zł159.90zł
Boxart for Bloody ZombiesBloody Zombiesup to 4 playersDec 22, 201721.59zł53.99zł
Boxart for JYDGEJYDGE2 players simultaneousOct 18, 201732.49zł64.99zł
Boxart for Don't Knock TwiceDon't Knock Twice1 playerOct 16, 201722.25zł44.50zł
Boxart for Gear.Club UnlimitedGear.Club Unlimitedup to 4 playersNov 30, 201760.00zł200.00zł
Boxart for INVERSUS DeluxeINVERSUS Deluxeup to 4 playersSep 27, 201719.60zł49.00zł
Boxart for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom BattleMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle2 players simultaneousAug 28, 201759.16zł159.90zł
Boxart for Physical Contact: SPEEDPhysical Contact: SPEED2 players simultaneousJul 26, 201714.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for Sparkle 2Sparkle 21 playerSep 27, 201714.99zł29.99zł
Boxart for Hiragana Pixel PartyHiragana Pixel Party1 playerDec 15, 201722.40zł32.00zł
Boxart for SplasherSplasher1 playerOct 25, 201723.60zł59.00zł
Boxart for Tower Of BabelTower Of Babel1 playerOct 4, 20174.96zł24.82zł
Boxart for UNO® for Nintendo SwitchUNO® for Nintendo Switchup to 4 playersNov 6, 201721.00zł42.00zł
Boxart for Yooka-LayleeYooka-Layleeup to 4 playersDec 13, 201780.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for Woodle Tree AdventuresWoodle Tree Adventures1 playerDec 22, 20178.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for Ben 10Ben 101 playerNov 9, 201748.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Floor KidsFloor Kids2 players simultaneousDec 17, 201734.50zł69.00zł
Boxart for SteamWorld Dig 2SteamWorld Dig 21 playerSep 20, 201740.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Ultra HyperballUltra Hyperballup to 4 playersJul 27, 201723.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for Super Meat BoySuper Meat Boy2 players simultaneousJan 10, 201831.85zł49.00zł
Boxart for NuclienNuclien1 playerJan 18, 20189.97zł14.25zł
Boxart for Night in the WoodsNight in the Woods1 playerJan 31, 201853.20zł76.00zł
Boxart for Aegis DefendersAegis Defenders2 players simultaneousFeb 7, 201836.00zł72.00zł
Boxart for QbikQbik1 playerJan 17, 20184.19zł19.99zł
Boxart for SteamWorld DigSteamWorld Dig1 playerJan 31, 201812.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Frederic 2: Evil Strikes BackFrederic 2: Evil Strikes Back1 playerJan 31, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for OwlboyOwlboy1 playerFeb 12, 201853.99zł89.99zł
Boxart for TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-1 playerFeb 14, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for XeodrifterXeodrifter1 playerFeb 14, 20184.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Mercenaries Saga ChroniclesMercenaries Saga Chronicles1 playerFeb 7, 201853.00zł75.90zł
Boxart for Old Man's JourneyOld Man's Journey2 players simultaneousFeb 19, 201831.20zł39.00zł
Boxart for AQUA KITTY UDXAQUA KITTY UDX2 players simultaneousFeb 14, 201815.00zł30.00zł
Boxart for MillieMillie1 playerFeb 7, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for Joe Dever's Lone WolfJoe Dever's Lone Wolf1 playerFeb 15, 201819.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for Manticore - Galaxy on FireManticore - Galaxy on Fire1 playerApr 18, 201840.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for MEMBRANEMEMBRANE2 players simultaneousApr 5, 20184.16zł32.00zł
Boxart for Subsurface CircularSubsurface Circular1 playerFeb 28, 201817.59zł21.99zł
Boxart for The Long ReachThe Long Reach1 playerMar 14, 201815.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Radiation IslandRadiation Island1 playerFeb 21, 201824.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for A Normal Lost PhoneA Normal Lost Phone1 playerFeb 28, 201814.99zł24.99zł
Boxart for Steredenn: Binary StarsSteredenn: Binary Stars2 players simultaneousMar 7, 201819.22zł49.99zł
Boxart for Outlast 2Outlast 21 playerMar 26, 201848.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Outlast: Bundle of TerrorOutlast: Bundle of Terror1 playerFeb 26, 201838.00zł95.00zł
Boxart for World Conqueror XWorld Conqueror X1 playerMar 7, 201830.00zł50.60zł
Boxart for BombslingerBombslingerup to 4 playersApr 10, 201824.00zł48.00zł
Boxart for Sparkle 3 GenesisSparkle 3 Genesis1 playerMar 14, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for NO THINGNO THING1 playerMar 21, 20184.07zł7.99zł
Boxart for ZombillieZombillie1 playerApr 4, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for Burly Men at SeaBurly Men at Sea1 playerApr 11, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for BAFL - Brakes Are For LosersBAFL - Brakes Are For Losersup to 8 playersApr 18, 20188.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for Death Road to CanadaDeath Road to Canadaup to 4 playersMay 7, 201835.99zł59.99zł
Boxart for The Way RemasteredThe Way Remastered1 playerApr 19, 20183.92zł59.00zł
Boxart for Die for Valhalla!Die for Valhalla!up to 4 playersMay 28, 201821.99zł43.99zł
Boxart for Jotun: Valhalla EditionJotun: Valhalla Edition1 playerApr 26, 201817.81zł53.99zł
Boxart for Sky RogueSky Rogue2 players simultaneousApr 25, 201833.99zł67.99zł
Boxart for Another Lost Phone: Laura's StoryAnother Lost Phone: Laura's Story1 playerApr 25, 201814.40zł24.00zł
Boxart for Immortal RedneckImmortal Redneck1 playerMay 9, 201827.20zł80.00zł
Boxart for Sparkle ZEROSparkle ZERO1 playerApr 25, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for GoetiaGoetia1 playerApr 25, 20183.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for The Adventures of Elena TempleThe Adventures of Elena Temple1 playerMay 14, 20189.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for Wizard of LegendWizard of Legend2 players simultaneousMay 14, 201841.60zł64.00zł
Boxart for Dungeon RushersDungeon Rushers1 playerMay 24, 201818.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier EditionKnights of Pen and Paper +1 Deluxier Edition1 playerMay 28, 201836.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for White NightWhite Night1 playerMay 16, 201812.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Shape of the WorldShape of the World1 playerJun 5, 201830.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Shining Resonance RefrainShining Resonance Refrain1 playerJul 9, 2018104.99zł209.99zł
Boxart for Alchemic JoustsAlchemic Jousts2 players simultaneousJun 11, 201829.25zł39.00zł
Boxart for NeveroutNeverout1 playerJul 9, 20186.74zł24.99zł
Boxart for Angels of DeathAngels of Death1 playerJun 26, 201835.00zł50.00zł
Boxart for Final Light, The PrisonFinal Light, The Prison1 playerJul 26, 20185.60zł28.00zł
Boxart for Miles & KiloMiles & Kilo1 playerJul 4, 20186.40zł32.00zł
Boxart for Captain Toad: Treasure TrackerCaptain Toad: Treasure Tracker2 players simultaneousJul 12, 2018118.80zł169.80zł
Boxart for Lost in HarmonyLost in Harmony1 playerJun 20, 20187.98zł28.00zł
Boxart for Dream AloneDream Alone1 playerJun 27, 20189.99zł34.99zł
Boxart for RunbowRunbowup to 9 playersJul 2, 201830.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for The Lion's SongThe Lion's Song1 playerJul 9, 201824.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Mega Man X Legacy CollectionMega Man X Legacy Collection1 playerJul 23, 201858.80zł84.00zł
Boxart for Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2Mega Man X Legacy Collection 21 playerJul 23, 201858.80zł84.00zł
Boxart for Star Story: The Horizon EscapeStar Story: The Horizon Escape1 playerJul 18, 20183.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for SpheroidsSpheroids1 playerJul 26, 20188.00zł32.00zł
Boxart for The VideoKidThe VideoKid1 playerAug 29, 20184.40zł17.60zł
Boxart for Lost Phones StoriesLost Phones Stories1 playerJul 18, 201824.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for NoReload HeroesNoReload Heroesup to 4 playersJul 25, 20183.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for Valkyria Chronicles 4Valkyria Chronicles 41 playerSep 24, 2018124.99zł249.99zł
Boxart for Freedom PlanetFreedom Planet1 playerAug 29, 201836.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Kero BlasterKero Blaster1 playerAug 22, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Sky Gamblers: Storm RaidersSky Gamblers: Storm Raidersup to 16 playersAug 22, 201824.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Crayola ScootCrayola Scootup to 4 playersOct 25, 201836.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Old School MusicalOld School Musicalup to 4 playersSep 12, 201832.00zł52.00zł
Boxart for Kentucky Robo ChickenKentucky Robo Chicken1 playerSep 5, 20183.19zł7.99zł
Boxart for Goosebumps The GameGoosebumps The Game1 playerOct 8, 201835.00zł140.00zł
Boxart for HoverHoverup to 16 playersSep 19, 201850.00zł100.00zł
Boxart for NBA 2K19NBA 2K19up to 10 playersSep 10, 201889.61zł309.00zł
Boxart for Shadow Fight 2Shadow Fight 22 players simultaneousSep 12, 201840.02zł60.00zł
Boxart for The Mahjong HuntressThe Mahjong Huntress1 playerSep 12, 20183.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for WandersongWandersong1 playerSep 26, 201856.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Big Buck Hunter ArcadeBig Buck Hunter Arcade2 players simultaneousOct 15, 201835.00zł140.00zł
Boxart for Snake vs SnakeSnake vs Snakeup to 4 playersSep 25, 201812.60zł14.00zł
Boxart for Super Mario PartySuper Mario Partyup to 4 playersOct 4, 2018166.50zł249.80zł
Boxart for Nickelodeon Kart RacersNickelodeon Kart Racersup to 4 playersOct 22, 201880.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for Rapala Fishing Pro SeriesRapala Fishing Pro Series1 playerOct 15, 201835.00zł140.00zł
Boxart for GRIPGRIPup to 10 playersNov 5, 2018104.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for Mark of the Ninja: RemasteredMark of the Ninja: Remastered1 playerOct 8, 201852.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Drift LegendsDrift Legends1 playerOct 17, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for 911 Operator911 Operator1 playerOct 25, 20183.92zł59.00zł
Boxart for Momonga Pinball AdventuresMomonga Pinball Adventures1 playerOct 17, 201818.00zł24.00zł
Boxart for SpencerSpencer1 playerOct 17, 20188.40zł28.00zł
Boxart for The Shapeshifting DetectiveThe Shapeshifting Detective1 playerNov 5, 201831.20zł52.00zł
Boxart for Mercenaries Wings: The False PhoenixMercenaries Wings: The False Phoenix1 playerNov 7, 201852.56zł65.70zł
Boxart for The Walking Vegetables: Radical EditionThe Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition2 players simultaneousNov 7, 201810.40zł52.00zł
Boxart for Sid Meier's Civilization VISid Meier's Civilization VIup to 4 playersNov 15, 2018146.30zł209.00zł
Boxart for M.A.C.E. Space ShooterM.A.C.E. Space Shooter2 players simultaneousNov 14, 201810.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for AbyssAbyss2 players simultaneousDec 24, 20187.92zł12.00zł
Boxart for DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New RidersDreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders1 playerJan 31, 201980.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for KoloroKoloro2 players simultaneousDec 21, 20183.95zł39.50zł
Boxart for WondershotWondershotup to 4 playersDec 21, 20183.95zł39.50zł
Boxart for Hunter's Legacy: Purrfect EditionHunter's Legacy: Purrfect Edition1 playerDec 12, 201814.00zł28.00zł
Boxart for Knights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest EditionKnights of Pen & Paper 2 Deluxiest Edition1 playerDec 12, 201840.01zł52.00zł
Boxart for Mana SparkMana Spark1 playerDec 21, 201819.75zł39.50zł
Boxart for Sundered: Eldritch EditionSundered: Eldritch Editionup to 4 playersDec 20, 201835.99zł71.99zł
Boxart for ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!up to 4 playersFeb 28, 201946.90zł70.00zł
Boxart for Bury me, my LoveBury me, my Love1 playerJan 9, 201914.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for The KeepThe Keep1 playerDec 23, 201834.50zł69.00zł
Boxart for Stellar InterfaceStellar Interface1 playerJan 10, 201936.40zł52.00zł
Boxart for Travis Strikes Again: No More HeroesTravis Strikes Again: No More Heroes2 players simultaneousJan 17, 201986.50zł129.80zł
Boxart for LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the FateboundsLEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds1 playerJan 23, 201948.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Mega Mall StoryMega Mall Story1 playerJan 16, 201932.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Flowlines VSFlowlines VS2 players simultaneousJan 24, 20193.99zł19.99zł
Boxart for Zombie Night TerrorZombie Night Terror1 playerJan 30, 201940.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for STEINS;GATE ELITESTEINS;GATE ELITE1 playerFeb 18, 2019120.00zł240.00zł
Boxart for UTOPIA 9 - A Volatile VacationUTOPIA 9 - A Volatile Vacation2 players simultaneousJan 18, 20193.99zł39.90zł
Boxart for Thea: The AwakeningThea: The Awakening1 playerJan 31, 201950.40zł72.00zł
Boxart for Balance BloxBalance Blox1 playerJan 23, 20196.00zł12.00zł
Boxart for Fishing Star World TourFishing Star World Tour1 playerJan 29, 201960.00zł100.00zł
Boxart for 99Moves99Movesup to 4 playersFeb 7, 20197.92zł12.00zł
Boxart for Iron CrypticleIron Crypticleup to 4 playersFeb 12, 201917.50zł35.00zł
Boxart for Mercury RaceMercury Race2 players simultaneousFeb 6, 20198.00zł32.00zł
Boxart for YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY-1 playerFeb 20, 201948.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Creepy RoadCreepy Road1 playerFeb 28, 201931.20zł52.00zł
Boxart for X-Morph: DefenseX-Morph: Defense1 playerFeb 20, 201947.40zł79.00zł
Boxart for TardyTardy1 playerFeb 28, 201911.97zł39.90zł
Boxart for Braveland TrilogyBraveland Trilogy2 players alternatingMar 6, 201929.99zł59.99zł
Boxart for Bard's Gold - Nintendo Switch EditionBard's Gold - Nintendo Switch Edition1 playerMar 4, 201918.00zł36.00zł
Boxart for Resident EvilResident Evil1 playerMay 20, 201981.84zł124.00zł
Boxart for Resident Evil 0Resident Evil 01 playerMay 20, 201981.84zł124.00zł
Boxart for GALAK-Z: The Void: Deluxe EditionGALAK-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition1 playerMar 25, 201928.00zł56.00zł
Boxart for Xenon RacerXenon Racerup to 8 playersMar 25, 201989.99zł149.99zł
Boxart for Azure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE EditionAzure Saga: Pathfinder DELUXE Edition1 playerMar 20, 201925.20zł36.00zł
Boxart for Unit 4Unit 4up to 4 playersMar 14, 20195.95zł59.50zł
Boxart for Neon CavesNeon Caves1 playerMar 26, 201910.49zł14.99zł
Boxart for Croixleur SigmaCroixleur Sigma2 players simultaneousMar 27, 201930.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Among the Sleep - Enhanced EditionAmong the Sleep - Enhanced Edition1 playerMay 28, 201980.00zł109.99zł
Boxart for Snow Battle Princess SayukiSnow Battle Princess Sayuki2 players simultaneousMar 27, 201930.00zł60.00zł