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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for 88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition88 Heroes - 98 Heroes Edition1 playerOct 11, 201760.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Knight TerrorsKnight Terrors1 playerOct 23, 20178.00zł12.00zł
Boxart for Ninja ShodownNinja Shodownup to 4 playersOct 4, 201731.20zł52.00zł
Boxart for Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XLTiny Troopers Joint Ops XL1 playerDec 20, 201734.84zł52.00zł
Boxart for Ittle Dew 2+Ittle Dew 2+1 playerNov 13, 201760.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for LumoLumo1 playerNov 15, 201764.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Wheels of AureliaWheels of Aurelia1 playerNov 1, 201720.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for The End Is NighThe End Is Nigh1 playerDec 11, 201720.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for UnepicUnepic1 playerDec 14, 201720.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Maria The WitchMaria The Witch1 playerNov 8, 201710.00zł20.00zł
Boxart for The Count LucanorThe Count Lucanor1 playerOct 17, 201720.40zł60.00zł
Boxart for Grand Prix Rock 'N RacingGrand Prix Rock 'N Racingup to 4 playersJan 3, 201824.00zł32.00zł
Boxart for TumblestoneTumblestoneup to 4 playersOct 4, 201712.49zł49.99zł
Boxart for Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXEStikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure DELUXEup to 6 playersDec 28, 201740.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for The Next PenelopeThe Next Penelopeup to 4 playersDec 20, 201735.00zł49.00zł
Boxart for Mecho TalesMecho Talesup to 4 playersDec 27, 20174.00zł34.00zł
Boxart for SyberiaSyberia1 playerOct 19, 201780.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for VVVVVVVVVVVV2 players simultaneousNov 16, 201720.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Kid TrippKid Tripp1 playerNov 22, 201712.00zł16.00zł
Boxart for SUPERBEAT: XONiCSUPERBEAT: XONiC1 playerNov 29, 2017105.00zł140.00zł
Boxart for Conga Master Party!Conga Master Party!up to 4 playersSep 27, 201721.60zł36.00zł
Boxart for Bulb BoyBulb Boy1 playerJul 12, 20175.44zł32.00zł
Boxart for Cave Story+Cave Story+1 playerJul 19, 201760.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Energy CycleEnergy Cycle1 playerDec 24, 20174.08zł12.00zł
Boxart for Gear.Club UnlimitedGear.Club Unlimitedup to 4 playersNov 30, 2017120.00zł200.00zł
Boxart for Plague RoadPlague Road1 playerDec 20, 20175.89zł50.00zł
Boxart for Syberia 2Syberia 21 playerNov 29, 201780.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for Tiny Barbarian DXTiny Barbarian DX2 players simultaneousOct 9, 201740.00zł120.00zł
Boxart for The Jackbox Party Pack 3The Jackbox Party Pack 3up to 8 playersApr 12, 201759.29zł98.82zł
Boxart for The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+up to 4 playersSep 6, 201780.00zł160.00zł
Boxart for Ben 10Ben 101 playerNov 9, 201798.00zł140.00zł
Boxart for Energy InvasionEnergy Invasion1 playerJan 9, 20184.08zł12.00zł
Boxart for GunhouseGunhouse1 playerJan 14, 201826.00zł52.00zł
Boxart for Darkest DungeonDarkest Dungeon1 playerJan 17, 201869.00zł92.00zł
Boxart for Super One More JumpSuper One More Jumpup to 4 playersJan 24, 201817.92zł22.40zł
Boxart for AeternoBladeAeternoBlade1 playerJan 31, 201836.00zł60.00zł
Boxart for Monster Energy Supercross - The Official VideogameMonster Energy Supercross - The Official Videogame1 playerFeb 12, 2018120.00zł240.00zł
Boxart for TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-TorqueL -Physics Modified Edition-1 playerFeb 14, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Old Man's JourneyOld Man's Journey2 players simultaneousFeb 19, 201831.20zł39.00zł
Boxart for Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAwayWanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway1 playerFeb 14, 201824.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Layers of Fear: LegacyLayers of Fear: Legacy1 playerFeb 20, 201856.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Subsurface CircularSubsurface Circular1 playerFeb 28, 201817.59zł21.99zł
Boxart for Superola and the Lost BurgersSuperola and the Lost Burgers2 players simultaneousFeb 21, 201814.99zł24.99zł
Boxart for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder DevastatedPaper Wars: Cannon Fodder Devastated1 playerFeb 28, 201820.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Metropolis: Lux ObscuraMetropolis: Lux Obscura1 playerApr 3, 201821.44zł32.00zł
Boxart for Gal*Gun 2Gal*Gun 21 playerApr 12, 2018100.00zł200.00zł
Boxart for Super ChariotSuper Chariot2 players simultaneousMay 9, 201864.00zł80.00zł
Boxart for Burly Men at SeaBurly Men at Sea1 playerApr 11, 201830.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for Legendary ElevenLegendary Eleven2 players simultaneousJun 7, 201831.90zł39.90zł
Boxart for Alchemic JoustsAlchemic Jousts2 players simultaneousJun 11, 201831.20zł39.00zł
Boxart for Overcooked! 2Overcooked! 2up to 4 playersAug 6, 201880.00zł100.00zł
Boxart for Miles & KiloMiles & Kilo1 playerJul 4, 201824.00zł32.00zł
Boxart for VSR: Void Space RacingVSR: Void Space Racing2 players simultaneousJul 19, 201827.99zł39.99zł
Boxart for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday1979 Revolution: Black Friday1 playerAug 1, 201832.16zł48.00zł
Boxart for Space RibbonSpace Ribbonup to 4 playersAug 23, 201829.40zł49.00zł
Boxart for Vertical Drop Heroes HDVertical Drop Heroes HD2 players simultaneousOct 3, 201828.00zł40.00zł
Boxart for 911 Operator911 Operator1 playerOct 25, 201853.10zł59.00zł
Boxart for Super Hyperactive NinjaSuper Hyperactive Ninja2 players simultaneousOct 24, 201819.20zł32.00zł
Boxart for Black and White BushidoBlack and White Bushidoup to 4 playersOct 24, 201843.20zł48.00zł
Boxart for SpencerSpencer1 playerOct 17, 201823.80zł28.00zł