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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for SemispheresSemispheres1 playerSep 13, 2017R64.95R129.95
Boxart for Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena EditionSquareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition2 players simultaneousOct 11, 2017R45.50R65.00
Boxart for The Coma: RecutThe Coma: Recut1 playerDec 20, 2017R88.40R260.00
Boxart for Frederic: Resurrection of MusicFrederic: Resurrection of Music1 playerDec 20, 2017R15.60R78.00
Boxart for Lichtspeer: Double Speer EditionLichtspeer: Double Speer Edition2 players simultaneousSep 6, 2017R71.50R130.00
Boxart for Mutant Mudds CollectionMutant Mudds Collection2 players simultaneousDec 13, 2017R84.50R169.00
Boxart for Monster Jam Crush It!Monster Jam Crush It!1 playerOct 30, 2017R195.00R390.00
Boxart for The BridgeThe Bridge1 playerSep 6, 2017R37.70R130.00
Boxart for Nine ParchmentsNine Parchmentsup to 4 playersDec 4, 2017R104.00R260.00
Boxart for Tactical MindTactical Mind2 players simultaneousDec 29, 2017R19.50R39.00
Boxart for Oceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted SeasOceanhorn - Monster of Uncharted Seas1 playerJun 21, 2017R130.65R195.00
Boxart for Yoku's Island ExpressYoku's Island Express1 playerMay 28, 2018R157.20R262.00
Boxart for BUTCHERBUTCHER1 playerSep 27, 2017R71.50R130.00
Boxart for DragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of TimeDragonFangZ - The Rose & Dungeon of Time1 playerDec 25, 2017R207.20R259.00
Boxart for Super Ping Pong Trick ShotSuper Ping Pong Trick Shot2 players simultaneousOct 18, 2017R39.00R65.00
Boxart for SpellspireSpellspire1 playerNov 8, 2017R90.60R159.00
Boxart for ViolettViolett1 playerOct 24, 2017R13.00R130.00
Boxart for Rock 'N Racing Off Road DXRock 'N Racing Off Road DXup to 4 playersNov 8, 2017R78.00R104.00
Boxart for Astro Bears PartyAstro Bears Partyup to 4 playersSep 27, 2017R13.00R65.00
Boxart for Cartoon Network: Battle CrashersCartoon Network: Battle Crashersup to 4 playersOct 30, 2017R195.00R390.00
Boxart for Kid TrippKid Tripp1 playerNov 22, 2017R39.00R52.00
Boxart for RobonautsRobonauts2 players simultaneousSep 14, 2017R13.00R115.00
Boxart for INVERSUS DeluxeINVERSUS Deluxeup to 4 playersSep 27, 2017R107.40R179.00
Boxart for One More DungeonOne More Dungeon1 playerDec 14, 2017R78.00R104.00
Boxart for Tower Of BabelTower Of Babel1 playerOct 4, 2017R71.45R129.95
Boxart for Energy BalanceEnergy Balance1 playerJan 15, 2018R12.85R39.00
Boxart for BRAWLBRAWLup to 4 playersJan 18, 2018R13.00R130.00
Boxart for Sky Force ReloadedSky Force Reloaded2 players simultaneousJan 31, 2018R104.00R130.00
Boxart for TennisTennis2 players simultaneousJan 24, 2018R63.00R91.00
Boxart for Mad CarnageMad Carnage2 players simultaneousFeb 1, 2018R32.50R65.00
Boxart for Frederic 2: Evil Strikes BackFrederic 2: Evil Strikes Back1 playerJan 31, 2018R13.00R65.00
Boxart for The Men of Yoshiwara: KikuyaThe Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya1 playerJan 31, 2018R182.00R260.00
Boxart for XeodrifterXeodrifter1 playerFeb 14, 2018R65.00R130.00
Boxart for Pool BILLIARDPool BILLIARD2 players simultaneousFeb 14, 2018R45.00R91.00
Boxart for MillieMillie1 playerFeb 7, 2018R13.00R65.00
Boxart for ESCAPE TRICK: 35 Fateful EnigmasESCAPE TRICK: 35 Fateful Enigmas1 playerFeb 14, 2018R208.00R260.00
Boxart for Totes the GoatTotes the Goat1 playerFeb 28, 2018R32.50R65.00
Boxart for Sparkle 3 GenesisSparkle 3 Genesis1 playerMar 14, 2018R13.00R65.00
Boxart for Gekido Kintaro's RevengeGekido Kintaro's Revenge2 players simultaneousMar 21, 2018R128.70R195.00
Boxart for NO THINGNO THING1 playerMar 21, 2018R13.00R26.00
Boxart for ZombillieZombillie1 playerApr 4, 2018R16.25R65.00
Boxart for The Way RemasteredThe Way Remastered1 playerApr 19, 2018R39.80R199.00
Boxart for Die for Valhalla!Die for Valhalla!up to 4 playersMay 28, 2018R119.25R159.00
Boxart for Immortal RedneckImmortal Redneck1 playerMay 9, 2018R183.40R262.00
Boxart for Bouncy BobBouncy Bobup to 4 playersApr 26, 2018R13.95R69.95
Boxart for Sparkle ZEROSparkle ZERO1 playerApr 25, 2018R13.20R66.00
Boxart for Timberman VSTimberman VSup to 4 playersMay 2, 2018R17.40R26.00
Boxart for The Adventures of Elena TempleThe Adventures of Elena Temple1 playerMay 14, 2018R41.95R69.95
Boxart for Wizard of LegendWizard of Legend2 players simultaneousMay 14, 2018R178.50R210.00
Boxart for Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesYonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles1 playerMay 16, 2018R262.40R328.00
Boxart for Shape of the WorldShape of the World1 playerJun 5, 2018R157.60R197.00
Boxart for Lost SeaLost Sea1 playerMay 30, 2018R90.30R129.00
Boxart for ATOMINEATOMINE1 playerMay 24, 2018R84.00R120.00
Boxart for Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love StoryDestiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story1 playerJun 20, 2018R156.00R195.00
Boxart for Final Light, The PrisonFinal Light, The Prison1 playerJul 26, 2018R81.90R91.00
Boxart for Air MailAir Mail1 playerJun 25, 2018R136.00R170.00
Boxart for Miles & KiloMiles & Kilo1 playerJul 4, 2018R75.00R100.00
Boxart for FigmentFigment1 playerJun 27, 2018R194.25R259.00
Boxart for SpheroidsSpheroids1 playerJul 26, 2018R75.00R99.00
Boxart for NoReload HeroesNoReload Heroesup to 4 playersJul 25, 2018R86.40R129.00
Boxart for Detective GalloDetective Gallo1 playerAug 16, 2018R152.00R190.00
Boxart for The Mahjong HuntressThe Mahjong Huntress1 playerSep 12, 2018R59.40R66.00
Boxart for Think of the ChildrenThink of the Childrenup to 4 playersSep 24, 2018R136.00R170.00
Boxart for Ultimate Chicken HorseUltimate Chicken Horseup to 4 playersSep 24, 2018R177.30R197.00
Boxart for Snake vs SnakeSnake vs Snakeup to 4 playersSep 25, 2018R34.30R49.00
Boxart for The SwindleThe Swindle1 playerOct 10, 2018R157.60R197.00