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TitleNumber of PlayersRelease DateeShop
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Boxart for Tiny Troopers Joint Ops XLTiny Troopers Joint Ops XL1 playerDec 20, 2017R84.50R169.00
Boxart for The Coma: RecutThe Coma: Recut1 playerDec 20, 2017R78.00R260.00
Boxart for Vostok Inc.Vostok Inc.1 playerDec 6, 2017R97.50R195.00
Boxart for Quest of DungeonsQuest of Dungeons1 playerSep 13, 2017R70.20R117.00
Boxart for The BridgeThe Bridge1 playerSep 6, 2017R29.90R130.00
Boxart for Rocket League®Rocket League®up to 8 playersNov 13, 2017R132.50R265.00
Boxart for TINY METALTINY METAL2 players simultaneousDec 20, 2017R199.50R399.00
Boxart for BrawloutBrawloutup to 4 playersDec 18, 2017R130.00R260.00
Boxart for BleedBleed2 players simultaneousDec 13, 2017R46.80R156.00
Boxart for Grand Prix Rock 'N RacingGrand Prix Rock 'N Racingup to 4 playersJan 3, 2018R52.00R104.00
Boxart for TumblestoneTumblestoneup to 4 playersOct 4, 2017R38.85R169.00
Boxart for Slain: Back From HellSlain: Back From Hell1 playerDec 6, 2017R78.00R260.00
Boxart for Bulb BoyBulb Boy1 playerJul 12, 2017R20.80R104.00
Boxart for Letter Quest RemasteredLetter Quest Remastered1 playerNov 22, 2017R46.80R156.00
Boxart for The Men of Yoshiwara: KikuyaThe Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya1 playerJan 31, 2018R130.00R260.00
Boxart for Radiation IslandRadiation Island1 playerFeb 21, 2018R91.00R130.00
Boxart for Outlast 2Outlast 21 playerMar 26, 2018R124.50R249.00
Boxart for Outlast: Bundle of TerrorOutlast: Bundle of Terror1 playerFeb 26, 2018R150.00R300.00
Boxart for 12 orbits12 orbitsup to 12 playersApr 26, 2018R15.95R24.95
Boxart for LUMINES REMASTEREDLUMINES REMASTERED2 players simultaneousJun 25, 2018R128.05R197.00
Boxart for INKINK2 players simultaneousJun 18, 2018R35.40R118.00
Boxart for Destiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love StoryDestiny's Princess: A War Story, A Love Story1 playerJun 20, 2018R97.50R195.00
Boxart for 1979 Revolution: Black Friday1979 Revolution: Black Friday1 playerAug 1, 2018R47.10R157.00
Boxart for SpectrumSpectrum2 players simultaneousAug 19, 2018R53.35R157.00
Boxart for The Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in LoveThe Amazing Shinsengumi: Heroes in Love1 playerAug 8, 2018R78.50R157.00
Boxart for Sky Gamblers: Storm RaidersSky Gamblers: Storm Raidersup to 16 playersAug 22, 2018R91.70R131.00
Boxart for Space RibbonSpace Ribbonup to 4 playersAug 23, 2018R19.80R99.00
Boxart for Snake vs SnakeSnake vs Snakeup to 4 playersSep 25, 2018R44.10R49.00
Boxart for Vertical Drop Heroes HDVertical Drop Heroes HD2 players simultaneousOct 3, 2018R44.50R131.00
Boxart for Jettomero: Hero of the UniverseJettomero: Hero of the Universe1 playerOct 3, 2018R100.80R144.00
Boxart for JoggernautsJoggernautsup to 4 playersOct 10, 2018R98.50R197.00
Boxart for Escape DoodlandEscape Doodland1 playerNov 29, 2018R86.70R130.00
Boxart for Crimson KeepCrimson Keep1 playerNov 28, 2018R129.95R259.95
Boxart for KoloroKoloro2 players simultaneousDec 21, 2018R86.70R130.00
Boxart for WondershotWondershotup to 4 playersDec 21, 2018R86.70R130.00
Boxart for Mana SparkMana Spark1 playerDec 21, 2018R86.70R130.00
Boxart for Santa TrackerSanta Tracker1 playerDec 6, 2018R12.65R19.00
Boxart for Super Hero Fight Club: ReloadedSuper Hero Fight Club: Reloadedup to 4 playersDec 23, 2018R86.00R129.00
Boxart for Odium to the CoreOdium to the Core1 playerDec 24, 2018R44.00R66.00
Boxart for Octahedron: Transfixed EditionOctahedron: Transfixed Edition1 playerJan 16, 2019R153.65R204.90
Boxart for Planet RIX-13Planet RIX-131 playerJan 15, 2019R56.10R66.00
Boxart for Double CrossDouble Cross1 playerJan 9, 2019R196.50R262.00
Boxart for HoPiKoHoPiKo1 playerJan 9, 2019R90.95R129.95
Boxart for Doodle God: EvolutionDoodle God: EvolutionTo be determinedJan 23, 2019R64.40R92.00
Boxart for CaveblazersCaveblazers2 players simultaneousJan 9, 2019R152.00R190.00
Boxart for Mecho Wars: Desert AshesMecho Wars: Desert Ashes2 players simultaneousJan 16, 2019R104.80R131.00
Boxart for Old School Racer 2Old School Racer 21 playerJan 17, 2019R58.95R88.00
Boxart for LEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the FateboundsLEGRAND LEGACY: Tale of the Fatebounds1 playerJan 23, 2019R209.60R262.00